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The following is a summary of services that Aqua Mechanical provides to their customers

  Aqua has a full range of expertise in the plumbing field with installation, maintenance and service from the industrial, commercial, institute to the residential sector. Aqua can complete design build projects to engineered general construction schedules. Our readily, accessible distributors and wholesalers can provide us with a full range of well-known products, fixtures and piping materials such as plastic PVC, ABS, propylene, ethylene to copper, transite, cast, metal alloys and stainless piping. Working with the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations, local building and inspection authorities, training facilities and our project management team, we will ensure 100% satisfaction on completion and quality of all projects.

Water treatment
  Aqua focuses on todays technology and provides customers with flexibility in meeting both their environmental and operating objectives. We can provide experienced engineering in potable water treatment and a broad range of specialized liquid/solids separation processes involving primary treatment, activated sludge, secondary treatment, aerobic or anaerobic digestion, and all forms of clarification, thickening and dewatering.

Natural and propane gas piping
  Aqua is a registered and licensed contractor with the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) governing all fuel and gas fired equipment. Our heating department employs licensed gas fitters with respect to installation of underground supply services to above-ground piping and equipment installations. We ensure proper specifications with air requirements, sizing, venting and BTU load capacities. We install piping and equipment for the industrial, commercial, institutional, recreational and residential markets. We have access to many distributors and wholesalers which service us with the supply of plastic, steel and corrugated stainless piping and all brand name appliances. All systems are pressure tested and tagged with our TSSA sign-off inspection card with all appropriate job information .

Medical gas systems
  As part of Aqua's commitment to leadership in the Canadian medical gas systems market, our team goes through vigorous training and follows through with guideline set up by CSA Z7396-1, a new CSA standard governing medical gas systems within Canadian healthcare facilities. Our experience with the installations of oxygen, medical air, nitrous oxide, nitrogen and vacuum lines in the areas of anaesthetizing locations, medical gas pipeline systems, pipeline distribution systems, small and non-hospital based medical gas pipeline systems make these installations important to the daily operation of a healthcare facility, and knowledge required when assessing the medical piping needs at your facility.

Compressed air distribution systems
  Aqua's professionalism and experienced technicians take great pride in serving and guaranteeing all your compressed air and vacuum needs are served quickly and efficiently. We take pride in our wide-based knowledge and company customer service. Our relationship with manufacturers and the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) allow us to bring the proper assessment and system safety and work guidelines to your facility in need. We have installed many screw, reciprocating, booster, oil-free dental and portable compressors as well as refrigerated, desiccant and membrane dryers along with all their appropriate filters in place. These installations have widely been installed in the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors.

Process piping

Aqua is committed to maintaining quality in our installations and products. We are governed and certified by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) in accordance with the Ontario Boiler and Pressure Vessels Act. Our welding procedures and installers are registered and certified to comply with ASME guidelines. Our numerous welding procedures cover a wide variety of alloys together with a wide range of wall thickness. We specialize in process piping and steam design and installation of process steam and condensate, stainless steel pipes, processing tanks and vessels. All meet or exceed ASME certification. Our fabrication and installations are used heavily in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, agricultural farm & dairy and brewery industries.

Food Beverage: dry ingredients incorporation, concentration applications, bulk receiving/unloading, cookers/sterilizers, aseptic processing, heating/ cooling, blending/mixing/metering, CIP/SIP, pasteurization, flow control/ isolation, process hot & cold piping systems.

Industrial: chemical prep/dispensing, heating/cooling recirculation, pure water make-up & storage, bulk receiving/unloading, automated cleaning systems, proportional metering/blending, dry incorporation make-up, process hot & cold piping systems.

Pharmaceutical: hot WFI/DI water systems, media prep/sterilization, portable processing/transfer units, chemical prep/dispensing, decontamination systems, CIP/SIP, aseptic processes, filtration/separation, fermentation systems.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  Aqua has a broad range of knowledge and experience in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning fields with installation, maintenance and service in the industrial, commercial, institutional and residential markets. Aqua's engineering department develops complete design build projects to engineered general construction schedules. Our prompt and accessible manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers provide us with a full line of well-known industry name manufacturers of heating cooling and ventilation equipment along with all sheet metal and piping products. Working with the licensing board of the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations training facilities, local building departments and inspection authority for fuels, the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA), we can ensure that along with our project management team, we will complete all projects with specifications and safety of all gas fired equipment as they are to be designed.

Fire Protection

Aqua's compliance and installation guidelines of NFPA-13 and The National Fire Code of Canada (NFC) establishes fire safety for both occupants and emergency responders - inside and outside of new and existing buildings. It does so through a number of provisions, including: elimination or control of fire hazards caused by activities taking place on premises (the use of the building) and by the operation of service equipment; restrictions on building contents and storage arrangements; installation of certain process equipment; installation, maintenance and operation of certain fire safety systems and measures; fire emergency planning and the establishment of a fire safety plan; and retrofit of certain building features to the standards required for new buildings. When applied, the NFC also limits the economic and environmental impact on the community of fires at premises where combustible products, dangerous goods or flammable and combustible liquids are stored, handled, used or processed.

Aqua's engineering team designs fire protection systems. Our project management team installs and meets schedules of the general contracting developments in construction. We complete full systems and retrofit and service existing systems in the industrial, commercial & institutional sectors.

Process hot and cold systems
  Aqua supplies and installs process hot and cold water systems complete with boilers, steam and water exchangers, water and air cooled chillers. We are proud of our experience with installing heating and cooling systems to a wide variety of industrial processes and production machinery applications, ranging from self-contained portable units through to completely installed "turnkey systems". Some of these industries are: food and beverage, plastics, rubber, metal working, plating, die casting, chemical, printing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and many others.

Project management

Our belief in being truly successful in our industry is to have an outlined plan of attack in order to be triumphant in completing all projects on time and within budget. Some key points within our outlined plan are as follows:

  • project objectives and concerns
  • timing
  • materials
  • trade effects in the market
  • weather conditions
  • schedules and progress reports
  • planning
  • engineering, management and supervisory co-ordination
  • fostering a team approach to construction
  • making full use of innovative methods and information technology
  • utilizing prefabrication to the fullest extent
  • co-operation and commitment with suppliers and manufacturers of equipment to meet timelines.

With all of these key ingredients, they will allow us to have a positive and fruitful outcome in all our projects.

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